This Rare Dallmeyer Super Six 125mm f1.9 Lens Converted to Hasselblad V Mount Is Up for Grabs on eBay

If you’re looking for a rare, bokeh-licious, vintage lens to pair with your Hasselblad V-Mount camera, you might be interested in this Dallmeyer Super Six lens we spotted on eBay.

It’s time once again for us to share our latest vintage find from the depths of eBay! This one is a treat for owners of select Hasselblad V-Mount cameras especially: a rare Dallmeyer Super Six Anastigmat 125mm f1.9 lens, which has been converted for Hasselblad’s 200 and 2000 series cameras. It’s all yours if you have a $17,640 to spare.

According to seller breguetcamera, the Dallmeyer Super Six Anastigmat 125mm f1.9 lens listed is in excellent-plus condition with some normal usage marks, but no mechanical problems. The optics and glass are also in perfect condition, without haze, fungus, or scratches. It has been modified to fit only the 200 and 2000 series of Hasselblad V-mount cameras (such as 203 FE, 201 F, 205 FCC, 205 TCC, 202 FA, 2000 FC, 2000 FCW, 2003 FCW, etc). It’s not compatible with cameras from the 500 series (such as the 500 C, 500 C/M, and 503 CW) because it doesn’t contain a shutter.

However, the seller also noted that this vintage lens can be equipped on Pentax 645D, Leica S2, Nikon F, and Canon EF mount cameras with an adapter.

If shooting wide open with a Hasselblad medium format at f1.9 (with the creamy bokeh the Dallmeyer Super Six lenses were known for) sounds like a dream, the photos taken with it (attached to a Leica S2) shows us its reality.

Not much is known about the Dallmeyer lenses apart from the high regard by lens collectors and the astronomical prices they usually fetch today. A quick Google search, however, led to a forum post about a Dallmeyer Super Six 102mm f1.9 lens. There, we learned that these rare lenses were made in a special double gauss design by English lens company J.H. Dallmeyer. They have six elements in four groups, and were made with “extremely expensive rare earth glasses” that earned them the designation “Super Six.” A series of these lenses, which the item on sale most likely belongs to, ranged from one inch to about eight inches in mostly quarter inch increments. All had the same design with a maximum aperture of f1.9.

Ready to partner this with your compatible Hasselblad camera? Prepare your $17,640 and head to the eBay listing to buy it now.

All images from the eBay listing by breguetcamera