Christy Lee Rogers Makes Baroque-Inspired Masterpieces Through Underwater Photography

All images by Christy Lee Rogers. Used with permission.

Hawaii-based Christy Lee Rogers simply amazes us with underwater photography that we’ve never seen before. Instead of the usual ethereal subjects floating gracefully, she photographs multiple subjects dressed in colorful fabrics to create vivid and elaborate scenes. The result is a visual style that makes creative use of water’s light-bending qualities, and features a painterly look that evokes the imagery of Baroque masters like Caravaggio.

Christy’s latest series in this beautiful style is Muses, which she recently exhibited at Art Labor Gallery in Shanghai. Like the rest of her work, Muses was driven by her obsession with the transformative qualities of water, and their ability to break the conventions of underwater photography. It also follows her personal approach of allowing herself and her subjects to “experience first hand the vulnerabilities and beauty of the human body in an underwater setting.”

Alluding to both water as her muse and the “barrage of bodies” that Christy typically employs in her distinct technique, Muses is a showcase of color, textures, and clever underwater photography. Not surprisingly, her masterpieces have graced countless global exhibitions, with the Shanghai exhibit for Muses being her second show with Art Labor. International magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar Art China, and Elle Decoration have also featured her work.

In an interview with PhotoFairs, Christy shared that several personal loses also lie at the core of Muses, all of them pushing her to seek inspiration in letting go, surrender to the present moment, and strive to do everything she is capable of doing.

“…there were days where I was so creatively blocked, but when I did finally ‘truly’ let go, these images worked there way though me, like muses. I almost don’t know how they are possible. But I would say that these final images represent a soft and peaceful place that I imagine exists, where you can be free to let go and experience the beauty surrounding you. And that is my wish for everyone. “

Christy is definitely one of the photographers who enrich their chosen genre through inspiring and unique approaches to photography. Do check out her website to browse through her stunning collections and stay updated on her next exhibitions.