Christy Lee Rogers Makes Baroque-Inspired Masterpieces Through Underwater Photography

All images by Christy Lee Rogers. Used with permission.

Hawaii-based Christy Lee Rogers simply amazes us with underwater photography that we’ve never seen before. Instead of the usual ethereal subjects floating gracefully, she photographs multiple subjects dressed in colorful fabrics to create vivid and elaborate scenes. The result is a visual style that makes creative use of water’s light-bending qualities, and features a painterly look that evokes the imagery of Baroque masters like Caravaggio.

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Mariska Karto’s Photos Inspired by Paintings (NSFW)

All images by Mariska Karto. Used with permission.

Photographer Mariska Karto is an artist born in Suriname but raised in the Netherlands. She was originally a figurative sketcher and textile artist but then got into paintings and photography. For Mariska, inspiration truly comes from everywhere.

“Inspiration is not about copying other people’s ideas, it’s about creating your passion, your story.” she states in our interview. “When I get inspired, I start sketching and work out new plans.” Much of individual style alludes to baroque paintings / pictorialism.

One thing is for sure: Mariska has some very unique work indeed.


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