Video: How to Become Henri Cartier Bresson (And Zone Focus with Your Fujifilm Camera)

Zone focusing with your Fujifilm camera is pretty easy, but there are two big ways to do this.

Recently on our Instagram TV channel, we showed how photographers can zone focus with their Fujifilm cameras. Believe it or not, it’s pretty simple. However, it depends a whole lot on the lenses you’ve got attached to your camera and can also depend partially on your EVF or screen.

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We start out with a joke about how to become Henri Cartier Bresson; he was always about “F8 and be there.” It’s a joke, obviously. And then we hop right into it. All of this has to do with working with different lenses. The wider angle Fujifim lenses will have a zone focusing scale built into them when you slip the focusing ring back. Otherwise, you’ll need to look at the LCD screen and look at how much is in focus at a certain distance away.

When you shoot, you just need to keep those distances in mind, move to the according distance, and shoot. It’s seriously faster than autofocusing. Street photographers, landscape photographers and documentary shooters have been doing this for years. If you have an autofocus lens, note that the focus throw is much shorter so as to facilitate faster autofocusing. But with Fujifilm, you’re still able to zone focus pretty easy. Anything beyond 35mm is where it gets a bit more difficult when it comes to zone focusing.

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