“Big Red” Tells the Story of One Man’s Big Love for Tintype Photography

This collaboration is all about the inspiring story of Steven Glynn’s unique preference for tintype photography, and how it can also be an inspiration for anyone who grew up feeling out of place

Through a collaboration between photo-video accessories maker Vanguard and Taproot Pictures, we learn about yet another photographer’s big love for tintype photography at a time of digital perfection. Whether you’re looking for some inspiration to get you out of a creative slump, or you’re just simply passionate about traditional photographic processes, this story is definitely for you.

The short film titled Big Red stars Michigan-based photographer Steven Glynn, who also joined Vanguard’s roster of ambassadors early this year. On top of doing portraits, lifestyle, and brand images, he also dabbles with tintype photography. Aside from showing the process behind tintype images (which many of us are already familiar with by now), Big Red also takes a closer look into what this unique medium means for him on a more personal level.

It’s definitely an intriguing, if not interesting time to be doing analog photography, let alone something as archaic and challenging as tintype photography. And yet, this beautiful short film tells us two things: first, that more and more young people are picking up this medium despite the instant gratification of digital photography; and that it’s often both a personal and poignant creative outlet. Steven’s passion for tintype is driven by his love for art from a young age and the interest to keep the craft side of photography alive.

“In my generation I feel that the craft is being lost. The artisans are kind of going extinct. So there’s this huge push to preserve historical processes, do things that are old and clunky,” he said of his love for the process.

Another thing that makes this short film inspiring is it reinforces the fact that art can be therapeutic and cathartic for anyone who feels discriminated or out of place. Standing at 6’7″ tall and sporting a lush beard to boot, Steven stands out from the crowd but those aren’t the only things he wants to be noticed for. Despite growing up in an environment that wasn’t supportive about art and getting picked on in his younger days he chose to be more productive and creative doing “interesting hobbies” like music and photography.

Do check out Steven Glynn’s website to see more of his work, and Vanguard’s blog post about the collaboration with Taproot Pictures.

Behind the scenes images by Taproot Pictures