Inside the Photographer’s Mind: Jonathan Higbee

Photographer Jonathan Higbee was our latest guest on Inside the Photographer’s Mind.

Jonathan Higbee was our latest guest on Inside the Photographer’s Mind, and he was able to keep a full audience of folks enthralled with his words and experiences on what it’s like to be a modern street photographer. Jonathan is a rare breed: a street photographer who actually makes his living from it. He isn’t an influencer, he isn’t sponsored by any sort of companies and the moment of publishing this post: he makes print sales. In fact, it’s 90% of his income.

For Jonathan, becoming a photographer started with his love of taking and holding images. It took a backseat to writing though until he decided to do it for a publication along with writing. His work evolved over the years to not only include street photography but documentary work, and other types including abstracts and conceptual photography. We spoke about his creative vision, his famous Photo Wait method of street photography, his thoughts on technology, and much more. Sit down and tune in; this was one of our best ITPM episodes yet!

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