David Behar Showcases the Many Faces of Miami Beach Cabanas

All images by David Behar. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Cabanas lining up beaches and poolsides are among the quintessential images of a relaxing summer escape, and you can trust David Behar to transform them into yet another interesting visual study. In one of his recent sets, the Los Angeles-based art director and photographer fixed his eyes and focused his lens on the cabanas lining Florida’s Miami Beach, presenting them in a perspective most of us probably never thought about.

Previously, we’ve seen David bring us to the more serene and quiet side of beach life along California’s Manhattan Beach. With this more recent set, titled Cabana, he treats us once again to a scenic seaside stroll, but this time leading our eyes to the shapes and colors of Miami Beach’s cabanas.

The snaps may look pretty straightforward at first glance, but David’s Cabana series is actually a nice mix of architectural photography, street photography, travel photography, and even color studies. These structures are common sights in beaches and resort towns around the world and we may not give them much thought. With these photos, however, I’m sure we’ll pay closer attention the next time we see some.

Not only does David teach us to look at something ordinary through extraordinary perspectives with this set. He also encourages us to dissect scenes before us and take note of their eye-catching elements. For example, while all the cabanas have this basic square shape, each of them feature different design elements, so they stand out among the rest. Most of the cabanas pictured in this set are renting out chairs, umbrellas, and beach lounge chairs, and they all share the same color scheme for uniformity. The results, as David showed, are like mini communities populating the stretch of Miami Beach.

Top everything off with a clean and bright visual treatment and you have a collection of fresh-looking snaps that will make you ache for your next beach getaway.

David Behar has tons of beach-themed sets to give us our fix of summer scenes, so go ahead and check them out on his website and Behance portfolio.