Daniel Tjongari’s Black and White Photos of Lone Mangroves Will Put You in Awe

All images by Daniel Tjongari. Used with Creative Commons permission.

The tranquil allure of nature is often amplified in minimalist approaches to landscape photography, and we’ve featured a number of stunning examples to demonstrate this. The latest addition to our roster of favorites is the collection of serene seascapes by Daniel Tjongari of Surabaya, Indonesia. Anyone in need of some inspiration in the realms of nature, minimalist, and landscape photography should definitely check his work out.

While varying in subjects, settings, and narratives, Daniel’s style can be summed up as beauty in simplicity. It doesn’t only show in his choice to strip his scenes of color, or to photograph lone subjects against simple backgrounds. It’s also in the delicate mix of mood, nostalgia, and grace in each uncluttered image. Some have more elements and textures than others, but they still share the same atmosphere. Case in point is a tranquil series called Harmony in Nature, just one of his many minimalist odes set against picturesque outdoor locations.

Mangroves serve as the centerpieces of his work, which he found inspiration in given their abundance in Indonesia. “In my country we can find very huge areas of mangrove and the structure is very artistic,” he shared on this body of work. Several species of mangrove can be found all over the Indonesian coastlines, he also said, which means there’s no shortage of these beautiful scenes to capture across the country.

Despite his description of belts of mangroves surrounding Indonesian shorelines, Daniel chose to capture the dramatic scenes created by lone trees piercing the still waters. The effect is reminiscent of Hengki Koentjoro, another impressive Indonesian photographer known for his minimalist masterpieces of seaside scenes in black and white.

If you enjoyed this series, you’ll also be inspired with the minimalist landscapes of George Digalakis.

Don’t forget to check out Daniel Tjongari’s photography blog and Behance portfolio to see more of his impressive photography.