Michael Schauer Shares a Whale Watching Story with Gorgeous Aerial Photos

All images by Michael Schauer. Used with Creative Commons permission.

In our previous features on Michael Schauer, the Munich-based landscape photographer shared his love for cold northern landscapes, and his passion in searching for new ways to interpret places and stories. He definitely has a knack for turning both personal travel stories and fictional narratives into stunning and often surreal landscape photographs. Today, we focus the spotlight on a body of work that once again showcases this expertise, this time telling the story of his whale watching experience as seen from above.

Whales From Above chronicles Michael’s unique opportunity to go on a whale watching tour during his second visit to Iceland in 2017. Instead of simply photographing the amazing sight of the whales tailing the tour’s vessel, he was able to capture it through the impressive view from above using a drone. “I had the unique opportunity to not only take part in a whale watching tour in northern Iceland but to also start and operate my drone from aboard the vessel,” he said. The aerial snaps reveal a whale pod of at least five graceful and beautiful humpback whales that cheerfully tagged along on the tour for almost two hours.

It’s a truly beautiful experience, the memory of which is made even more endearing by the aerial perspective. Michael himself in fact said, “If it weren’t for these photographs, I still would not believe what we saw on that day.” Through his drone photos, he was able to show the scale of the scene that unfolded before him, with the depth and vastness of the blue-green waters dwarfing the vessel and the graceful humpbacks.

If you enjoyed these snaps, make sure to check out Michael Schauer’s website and Behance portfolio to see more of his breathtaking travel and landscape photography.