Unstoppable Compact is a Travel and Gadget Luggage with Unique Drift-Steering

The Unstoppable Compact is an all-in-one travel and gadget bag that lets you steer it in any direction

If you frequently travel with a lot of gear in tow you might want to consider getting this carry-on luggage that also converts into a protective kit bag for your gear. The Unstoppable Compact is small enough to be a cabin or hand-carry bag but also roomy enough to fit either your travel essentials or your photography gear. Plus, it promises to roll unlike any other cases do.

Following the success of the first Kickstarter campaign for the first Unstoppable gear bag, Phoenix Instinct is back with a new campaign for a highly requested cabin-sized version. The Unstoppable Compact has a 41 L capacity, made from robust ballistic nylon skin, and protected by a 5mm thick padded backing to secure your belongings. By inserting the inner foam (included as one of the rewards for the $208 Compact + Foam Infill tier), it easily transforms into a kit case for your camera and accessories. Simply pull out the individual cubes of the foam to form the shape of your gear and you’re all set. It can also accommodate a laptop in one of its zippered compartments.

Its main draw is the large and innovative omni-wheels that provide 360 degree control, robust construction, and rolling in all kinds of terrain. This means no falling over as you pull your bag up the stairs, no getting stuck on cobbles, curbs, and drain covers, and easy maneuvering in whatever direction you need it to go. This ease of use is something worth considering whether the bag functions as a travel bag or a carrying case for your precious gear.

Interested in supporting this versatile and innovative travel bag? Check out the ongoing Kickstarter campaign for the Unstoppable Compact to find out more and back this project.