Snag Some Kodak Aerochrome Color Infrared 120 Film on eBay!

There are some Kodak Aerochrome Color Infrared films up for grabs on ebay, but you have to be quick!

Aside from vintage cameras, we also keep an eye out on ebay for some cool films to try. Among the most coveted of these is Kodak Aerochrome, the legendary infrared false color film that produces stunning purple, crimson, and magenta hues. We spotted some listed on ebay, but you have to be fast, as the rolls are selling like pancakes (not surprising).

Germany-based ebay seller ambennici currently has 6 more rolls of this 400 ISO medium format film up for grabs on his listing. The films expired in 2011. Each roll is priced at $36, which is expensive for most film photographers. However, this long discontinued emulsion rarely comes up for sale online, and its status as one of the most fascinating films you can get your hands on today commands the hefty price tag.

If you’re new to this film and are wondering what the fuss and excitement are all about for such an expensive film, we’ve got some primer for you. Kodak Aerochrome was developed for use by the US military to track guerrilla forces in locations with lush vegetation. The otherworldly colors of this film eventually became handy for photographers looking for more creative approaches and uses to infrared photography. The most famous of these is Richard Mosse, who used the film in 2011 (Infra) and 2013 (Enclave) to document life in Congo.

In the video below, he talks about Enclave and why this otherworldly film was especially instrumental for his work in Congo. Aside from still images in medium format, he was also able to create the film using 16mm format of this amazing emulsion.

If you want to read more about this iconic film, check out our beginner’s guide for Kodak Aerochrome, as well as an interview we did with Chuck Miller regarding his experience with shooting it.

Itching to grab a roll or two? Go ahead and make your purchase through this ebay listing.

Kodak Aerochrome 120 film photo by Dean Bennici.