Grab a Deardorff Ultra Large Format 20×20 Camera for $25,000

Here’s your chance to get started with ultra large format photography. All you need is $25,000 for a Deardorff Ultra Large Format 20×20.

If you’ve ever wanted to get into ultra large format photography, we’ve got the right stuff for you. Our latest ebay find is an impressive-looking Deardorff Ultra Large Format 20×20 Camera, perfect for all kinds of wet plate photography. It can be yours if you’re willing to part with $25,000 for the camera body and its accessories.

The ultra large format camera listed on auction by seller wonderirene66 comes with a tintype holder, century stand, ground glass, and belows. It doesn’t come with a lens, but they may be able to find one for you. It comes in its original wood and wrought iron construction and still works beautifully. The tintype holder included can also be modified to take glass, paper, and negatives for ultra large format photography. The ground glass included is real, ultra large ground glass also in exquisite condition.

An interesting back story about this large format wet plate camera may explain why it commands such a high price. Apart from the fact that it’s a vintage camera in great condition, the seller says that it was used by an unnamed Master of Photography and built by commission from a master camera builder. The original frame was made from a Deardorff 11×14 Studio S camera. The bellows measuring 43 inches were custom handmade in Rochester and costed $600. The custom-made tintype back costed $3,000, and the century stand costs several thousands of dollars in a condition this good.

If you need a primer on ultra large format wet plate photography, we suggest checking out the work of Markus Hofstaetter, who does slightly smaller 11×14 tintype plates. He speaks about his wet plate journey in this interview. Then, he explains the process for ultra large format wet plates in his 360 video of a portrait session he did in Czech Republic.

Ready to grab this beautiful vintage Deardorff Ultra Large Format 20×20 camera? Make sure you have the space, the money, and the means to pick up the set from Toronto in Ontario, Canada. Head to the ebay listing to buy it now or make your best offer.

All images from the ebay listing by wonderirene66