Michael Schauer’s Landscapes Emphasize the Clouds and the Greenery

All images by Michael Schauer. Used with Creative Commons permission.

We like to think that landscape photographers aren’t very picky when it comes to scenic locations to capture. Sometimes, however, it’s also easy to see that some locations captivate differently than others. If you’re among those who find themselves drawn to the moody allure of misty mountainsides, you’ll certainly be delighted with outdoor and aerial photographer Michael Schauer‘s cloud gazing adventures in Switzerland.

Michael’s breath-taking snaps of the Swiss mountainside is the latest addition to our growing number of favorite sets featuring the unique beauty of the mountains. As we’ve seen in some previously featured works, the peaks across the globe all have their own distinct character, scenery, and beauty. Przemyslaw Kruk showed us how mystic the Polish side of the Tatra Mountains can be, in all their snowcapped glory. For those who like their jagged peaks with an extra splash of color, Slava Semeniuta chose to paint his mountains of choice with vibrant and velvety retro hues.

The mountain scenery in today’s featured set, however, is also majestic in its own right. Munich-based Michael traveled to the Appenzell region of Switzerland last year not to sample its world-famous cheese, but to immerse in its rugged beauty. The slopes are carpeted in deep greens. The dirt roads lead deeper into the landscapes. And to cap all of it, fluffs of fog descend on the mountaintops, a scene he aptly described “cloud gazing.”

“The Appenzell region of Switzerland is famous for it’s cheese but to photographers it bears wonders in terms of mountains, ridges, clouds and lakes,” he wrote on his description. “Fog gathers on the steep ridges so that it seems like a blanket for the massive chalk mountains that are characteristic for the Alpstein massif. The Saxerlücke, which is seen here, is one of the most famous examples for this occasion to occur.”

Make sure to visit Michael Schauer’s website and Behance portfolio to see more of his exceptional outdoor and aerial photography.