How to Export Images with Watermarks in Capture One Pro 11

Need to watermark your images in Capture One Pro 11? Here’s how.

Lots of photographer who need to export their images with watermarks don’t really know how to do that in Capture One Pro 11. This post will clear up the confusion. You see, Capture One used to have the watermarking feature built into the most common way to export images, which is by going to file, then export, then variants. It was pretty awesome and straight forward but for some odd reason or another, they removed that feature. Why? Apparently it wasn’t really used. So to get watermarks on your images, you have to do something else.

This tutorial video will show you how to get watermarks on your images in Capture One. Essentially, you need to go to the process recipes and output tab. There you create the process recipe and export the images. But you want to do an entire batch, and there are two ways: use the batch tool (which I’m not really a fan of and find slow) or you select the images, right click in the finder below, and then click on process. Then all the images get processed with the recipe currently selected. It’s pretty simple but also pretty tedious and a bit of a pain. In my opinion, it’s backwards when you think about it in the whole convention of naming and organizing–something that Capture One is pretty good about but could be better at. Lightroom is still superior when it comes to this.

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