Cody Cobb Explores the Solitude of the American West

All images by Cody Cobb. Used with Creative Commons permission.

The great American outdoors has been inspiring artists, photographers, and adventurers for generations – each with their own depiction and connection to these revered landscapes. The most recent to share with us his portraits of the American West is Seattle-based Cody Cobb, who continues his quest to capture the quiet moments against breath-taking sceneries.

West II showcases Cody’s latest adventures around some of the most stunning locations, and makes a great follow-up to his landscape photography projects. “This is an ongoing series that focuses on finding solitude in the American West,” Cody shared when we asked about his motivation for this series. “In some areas, like Yosemite National Park, this is becoming quite a challenge. I’m trying to capture the quiet moments that I experience while alone in very big places.”

As with his Cascadia series taken around the Pacific Northwest, he put together this new set using both film and digital cameras, switching between Fujifilm GFX50S, Mamiya 7II, and Sony A7rii. Cody says he enjoys shooting with both and learning how each responds to light. His process, however, is definitely influenced by film.

“For instance, I rarely review my images after shooting and I tend to wait a few weeks to process my files. I find that if I review my images immediately after shooting, I realize how they fail to capture the landscape I’m experiencing. I’d rather remain immersed in the experience of observation without the self-criticism influencing me.”

Every photographer has a story to tell and an emotion to convey to viewers. For West II, Cody’s goals and hopes are simple. “If I can manage to make someone feel anything while looking at a photo of trees or rocks, I consider it a success. I’d love for my photography to help others establish their own relationship with nature and to foster ecological awareness. By primarily shooting landscapes with no hint of human interference, I also hope to emphasize the importance of ‘Leave No Trace’ principles.”

Check out Cody Cobb’s website and Behance portfolio to see the rest of his landscape photography and other projects.