Pull Off Unique Camera Angles in Tight Spaces with These Simple Steps

Experimenting with unique camera angles for photo and video projects is easy with these tips.

Ever wanted to try creating cool perspectives from a tight space like a mailbox, oven, or cabinet? Jay P. Morgan, of The Slanted Lens channel, has a quick video tutorial showing how you can pull off unique camera angles with just a few simple steps. Such unique camera angles have many creative applications for various projects – whether it’s commercial work or a personal project. It can be challenging to set up your gear for shoots of this kind, but Jay has your back in this short video.

Pretty easy, yes? Now, let’s break it down.

First, Jay demonstrates how the Platypod Max Camera Support will allow you to securely place your camera inside a small space, like an oven or a front-load washer. He finds it a solid platform with great control for using with a full-frame DSLR camera.

Next, once you have the camera inside the tight space and the lens facing out, of course, you won’t be able to see the screen at the back. To work around this, you need a live monitor to attach to your camera, which you can either pull to the side to face you or mount on the hot shoe and turn around to face you. Tethering it is another option so you can see the live video and even change your focus or aperture with some programs. This could be useful if your small space doesn’t cause the cables to get in the way of your shots, or if you have plenty of time to set up.

When it comes to focusing, Jay advised going by the distance you want and setting the aperture to something that isn’t too wide open. With an aperture of around f/5.6 or f/6.3, there will be a greater depth of field and your moving subject won’t fall out of focus quickly.

Lastly, you will need to illuminate your subject with a compact light source. As Jay demonstrates, LED lights work really nicely for both photos and videos!

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