The Five Basic Portrait Lighting Setups Every Photographer Should Know

Learning these basic portrait lighting techniques is the first step to making stunning images of your subjects

Want to be an outstanding portrait photographer? One of the first things you have to master is how to light your subjects for the most flattering portraits. There are five basic portrait lighting setups that you have to learn, especially if you’re keen on working in the studio. Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens has a quick and very informative video tutorial to show you how it’s done.

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Pull Off Unique Camera Angles in Tight Spaces with These Simple Steps

Experimenting with unique camera angles for photo and video projects is easy with these tips.

Ever wanted to try creating cool perspectives from a tight space like a mailbox, oven, or cabinet? Jay P. Morgan, of The Slanted Lens channel, has a quick video tutorial showing how you can pull off unique camera angles with just a few simple steps. Such unique camera angles have many creative applications for various projects – whether it’s commercial work or a personal project. It can be challenging to set up your gear for shoots of this kind, but Jay has your back in this short video.

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