Robert Romanowicz Puts Funny Faces to Everyday Objects with Googly Eyes

All images by Robert Romanowicz. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Feeling blank and out of ideas for a creative photography project? An interesting project doesn’t need to be complicated or moving at this point. Today’s inspiration is a fine example of what you can do to play around with visuals, humor, and a healthy dose of imagination. Try it just for fun, as Polish illustrator and architect Robert Romanowicz would most likely tell you.

Seeing that Robert is primarily an illustrator with a playful and colorful style, It doesn’t come as a surprise that he came up with something bearing those qualities. And he also decided to call it For fun.

Part photography, part character design, and illustration-inspired, the project features his quirky creations crafted from everyday household items and some found objects. Oh, and some googly eyes. Each of the characters has something to tell – a short story or a little something about their personality.

The concept may be simple and a tad too playful for some photographers. But we can’t deny that this is indeed a fun creative exercise. Who knew that old brushes, tin boxes, binoculars, a tea infuser, a bunch of wire, worn out pencils, some old thread spools, a pepper, and even a pile of clothes could be transformed into something straight out of a children’s storybook? Just add some googly eyes and make-shift eyeballs and you’re all set.

Admittedly, it’s Robert’s affinity for quirky character design that stands out for this set, the photography part just a tool to help him bring these ideas to life. Still, I think this project is a perfect example of what a playful and creative perspective on things can bring to the table. And that’s something that we can all try to incorporate in our thought process as we think of the next fun project to do.

If this fun set inspired you, I highly recommend checking out Robert’s other characters made in the same way. Visit his website and Behance portfolio to see his playful illustrations as well.