Niko’s Photographs Will Make You Smile and Let Loose

“It was not easy,” states French designer and photographer Niko when asked how bad the lockdown was. He adds, “…people were not very motivated.” As with many of us, he took to doing creative projects with his camera to cope with the limitations imposed by the pandemic. And he’s come out with a visual parody to show just how much we depend on masks in our daily lives.

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Film Photographers: Here’s Some Help with Shooting Double Exposures

In-camera double exposures are easy-peasy when shooting with film cameras

Feeling stuck in a dry spell with your creative projects? Time to shake things up and pick up a film camera. Whether you’re doing it for the first time ever or first time in a long time, the constraints of film will definitely get you thinking about your photos and squeeze creativity out of you. One of the ways film photographers (then and especially now) get creative is by doing double exposures — in camera. We’ve got some pretty interesting examples that will get you curious to try it out yourself!

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Robert Romanowicz Puts Funny Faces to Everyday Objects with Googly Eyes

All images by Robert Romanowicz. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Feeling blank and out of ideas for a creative photography project? An interesting project doesn’t need to be complicated or moving at this point. Today’s inspiration is a fine example of what you can do to play around with visuals, humor, and a healthy dose of imagination. Try it just for fun, as Polish illustrator and architect Robert Romanowicz would most likely tell you.

Seeing that Robert is primarily an illustrator with a playful and colorful style, It doesn’t come as a surprise that he came up with something bearing those qualities. And he also decided to call it For fun.

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