Franck Bohbot Captures a Dreamy New York City in “Velvet Snow”

All images by Franck Bohbot. Used with Creative Commons permission.

The start of 2018 saw New York City making it to global headlines for a snowstorm that pummeled and paralyzed the metropolis. While it was a case of extreme weather that hits the city every few years, New York-based photographer and filmmaker Franck Bohbot shows that snowfall can also turn the Big Apple into a cinematic winter wonderland.

Taken in the early winter days of December last year, Franck’s aptly titled set shows different parts of the city bathed in velvety snow. As New Yorkers make their way around, the streetlights bathe their surroundings with a glow that bounces off the white cover. In the other frames, snow (in either dusty specks or bigger flecks) falls gently and piles up all over the city. It’s the quintessential picture of cities in the wintertime, and yet another of the many faces donned by the Big Apple.

We’ve seen New York City in many looks, many stories, and many ways: foggy, 1800s black and white, in multi-layered chaos, during the mad rush of the train commute, and through the onslaught of a tragedy, just to name a few. We’ve seen artists’ and creatives’ takes on what makes the city so captivating, from its architectural icons to its hypnotic patterns. Velvet Snow is definitely a welcome addition to our favorite sets exploring the many ways “The City that Never Sleeps” is also a city that always inspires.

What I like the most about Franck’s wintry snaps of New York City is how he effectively captured the moods and activity in varying degrees. Some snaps show places enveloped in a quiet, somewhat somber atmosphere. In others, we see the scenes get a little more intense, both in the amount of snowfall and the impression of the biting cold of the season. In a few of the shots, everything seems somewhat festive.

Do check out Franck Bohbot’s website and Behance portfolio to see his other impressive works.