Adobe Sees More Photographers Getting Inspired by Silence and Solitude in 2018

Adobe cites Silence and Solitude as their first visual trend for the year.

In the previous years, travel photos, destinations, and scenes that effectively say “Carpe Diem” seemed to be all the rage in photography, and even design to some extent. This year, however, Adobe has noticed a rising trend in the work, inspirations, and lifestyles of today’s artists and creatives: silence and solitude.

What does this tell us, exactly? Well, in response to the high energy imagery, demanding industries, and fast-paced environments that photographers, designers, and illustrators often find themselves in, they’re looking for ways to slow down, reclaim their zen, and boost their productivity in the process. It’s not just about making changes in the workplace or adapting lifestyle changes that make for quiet personal time. It has also started to bleed into their professional work and personal projects.

In a recent Adobe Blog post, they delve in deeper into the motivations and examples of this emerging trend. “We’re seeing a growing demand for images that convey comfort and regeneration. Images that take us back to nature, that show that less is more. Viewers are responding to imagery that offers respite — these images operate like a breath of fresh air to the viewer. They present a break from a demanding and confusing time.”

They have also put the spotlight on some photography projects where silence and solitude are the key takeaway — visually and emotionally — for both the photographers and the viewers. Nature photographer Sander van der Werf’s work, for example convey both simplicity and solitude in the shooting conditions and the story behind each shot. Photographer Julia Nimke, meanwhile, has been travelling to remote locations to capture visual stories that transcend high-tech noise, fast-paced processes, and hurried connections.

If you share the same sentiments about needing more quiet time, Adobe has put together a dedicated gallery of stock images that embrace Silence and Solitude to get you inspired.