Quick Tips for Shooting Portraits in Low Light with the iPhone X

Bring these quick tips with you for that low light portrait session with the iPhone X.

Got a shiny new iPhone X and thinking of shooting portraits with it? You must be wondering how you can get the best photos out of it even during low light conditions. Seattle-based photographer Sam Fu comes to the rescue with some quick tips in a video for mobile accessory maker Moment.

Nighttime lends its own charm and mood for portrait photography, and we can definitely make the most out of it even with a smartphone camera. The iPhone X is certainly already one of the leaders in the world of mobile photography in terms of image quality, but we can still use a tip or two to make sure we get only the best results.

So, if you’re ready, let’s join the folks of Moment and follow around Sam for his night and low light iPhone-ography tips.

To recap, here are Sam’s quick tips:

  1. Match the mood with your model.
  1. Find a location with good ambient light.
  1. Composition is king.
  1. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

If you notice, the tips above can be summarized into one simple guideline: treat your iPhone X as you would a normal camera. While most of the technical aspects and the image quality have already been taken care of, you will still need creative vision, an eye for composition, and drive to experiment for great results.

So, go out there and pick a friend or two to practice with. Put together a concept, mood board, and outfit. Scout a location that lights up nicely come sundown. Use leading lines, angles, and poses to tell a story or create visually enticing portraits. Keep experimenting until you get the results you want.

Check out this post on Moment’s website for more insights on these tips from Sam Fu.