Meyer Optik P75II Bokeh and Art Lens Creates Bokeh-licious Videos

Screenshot image from the Meyer Optik P75II video 

While touted to be an advanced version of the rare Primoplan 75 lens, the Meyer Optik P75II Bokeh and Art lens is more than just for portraits. In a recent video by Meyer Optik Goerlitz, we get to see how this improved version holds up for making videos.

Just a few days ago, we reported on the brand new lens announcement of the Meyer Optik P75II, or the advanced version of the classic 75mm f1.9 Primoplan lens. In true Primoplan fashion, this new lens creates some dreamy bokeh but retains center sharpness, making it an interesting tool for portrait photography. However, the creative effect of this art lens turns out to be just as great for videography as well.

You can see it for yourself in the video from Meyer Optik Goerlitz below:

The video, shot using a Sony Alpha 7R, demonstrates how the outstanding bokeh characteristics of the lens are seamlessly transported into videos. It also boasts of a clickless design which allows for focusing without any distracting sounds. It also creates a pleasant transition between focused and unfocused parts of the frame, and when the light hits right, some gorgeous bokeh that can range from bubbly to crisp. It’s a really beautiful effect for video projects that call for an extra moody or even magical aesthetic.

The Meyer Optik P75II lens will be made available for several mounts, including Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony-E, Micro-Four Thirds, and Fuji-X, which should cover videography using some major digital cameras.

To find out more about the lens, do check out our news post on this new lens. You can also visit the ongoing Meyer Optik P75II campaign on Indiegogo to also show your support.