The Portrait Photographer’s Ultimate Gear and Education Guide For 2017

So you want to be a portrait photographer?

As we recently did with most of the camera systems we cover regularly, we are going to continue putting together these ultimate guides based on the various tutorials and lists, and guides we produced on various topics throughout the last year. Kicking off our non-camera brand specific ultimate guides is our ultimate 2017 guide for portrait photographers.

If you are just getting into shooting portraits, or if you are looking for more information about the art of portraiture then this is a post you will want to have a look at. So let’s get into it…

Highlight Guide: Introduction To Medium Format Portraiture

Thanks to Fujifilm, Hasselblad and Pentax, digital medium format photography is more affordable than ever. While it is still out of reach for many, some of you may no doubt be wondering about moving your work over to something like Fujifilm’s GFX 50s or a Hasselblad X1D. If that is the case, and you have not shot with medium format before, then this is the guide for you!

  • An Introduction To Medium Format Portraiture (Check It Out)

The Phoblographer’s 2017 Portrait Guides

As you would expect, given its popularity as a photography niche, we have posted a lot of guides and content this year specifically related to portrait photography. Below you can find them all divided up into two categories, education and gear. Enjoy!


  • The essentials of shooting seated portrait subjects (Check It Out)
  • How to make the most out of a one light portrait studio (Check It Out)
  • How to make better portraits with Instant film (Check It Out)
  • Essential beginner’s tips for shooting portrait subjects lying down (Check It out)
  • How to shoot golden hour portraits that require less editing (Check It Out)
  • Portrait photography tip: Use the reflection off buildings for added punch (Check It Out)
  • Night and Day: Tips for shooting better outdoor portraits (Check It Out)
  • Portrait Tip: Gel your flash to mimic golden hour light (Check It Out)
  • 5 Tips on how to choose a location for outdoor portraiture (Check It Out)
  • How to shoot better portraits for Instagram (Check It Out)
  • Portrait photography tip: Always ask for consent to touch your subject (Check It Out)
  • Portrait Tip: Expose for the skin tones for better results (Check It Out)
  • How to get wind whipped hair in your portraits (Check It Out)
  • Using low key lighting for sharper portraits (Check It Out)
  • Simpler than you think: The secret to metering portrait photos for flash (Check It Out)
  • What is high key lighting and how it works for Portraits (Check It Out)
  • Portrait Photography Tip: The Classic Arms Up Pose (Check It Out)
  • Lighting the sexes: Proper lighting for men and women (Check It Out)
  • Using hard light for beautiful portraits (Check It Out)
  • Tips on asking strangers to take their portrait (Check It Out)
  • Posing for Fashion vs Fine Art Portraits (Check It Out)
  • Creating cinematic portraits in the studio (Check It Out)
  • Shooting Bokehlicious portraits at night (Check It Out)


  • This is what a cheap reflector can do for your portraits (Check It Out)
  • How to shoot better portraits with even minimal gear (Check It Out)
  • 85mm vs 135mm lenses for portraiture: Which should you use? (Check It Out)
  • Making the most out of the Fujifilm X-Series For Portraiture (Check it Out)
  • Gold Reflectors vs White Reflectors: How they work for Portraits (Check It Out)
  • 50mm vs 35mm lenses for portraits: Which is best for you? (Check It Out)
  • Two must have lenses for portrait photographers (Check It Out)
  • Getting the most out of your 50mm lens shooting portraits (Check it Out)
  • The phoblographers guide to budget friendly portrait lenses (Check It Out)
  • Perfect Portraits: 4 Budget Portrait Lenses For the Fujifilm X System under $1,000 (Check It Out)
  • Perfect Portraits: 4 Budget Portrait Lenses For the Canon EOS System under $1,000 (Check It Out)
  • Perfect Portraits: 3 Budget Portrait Lenses For the Sony E System under $1,000 (Check It Out)
  • Perfect Portrait: 4 Great Nikon Portrait Lenses Under $1,000 (Check It Out)
  • Photographer’s Toolbox: Portrait Photography Gear Essentials (Besides Cameras and Lenses)
  • The 7 Best 35mm Lenses for Portrait Photography (Check It Out)
  • How to Choose the Right Portrait Lens for You (Check It Out)
  • Getting the most out of your 35mm lens for portraits (Check It Out)

So, there you have it, our full and complete ultimate guide for portrait photographer’s here in 2017. In case you missed them, make sure and check out our other 2017 Ultimate Guides!

Anthony Thurston

Anthony is a Portland, Oregon based Boudoir Photographer specializing in a dark, moody style that promotes female body positivity, empowerment, and sexuality. Besides The Phoblographer, he also reviews gear and produces his own educational content on his website.