CineStill bwXX Film in 35mm is Back in Stock After a Really Long Time!

CineStill bwXX has been out of stock and was feared never to return. But it’s back!

Great news for everyone in the film photography world, CineStill bwXX is back in stock. This film is the company’s only black and white film emulsion and unfortunately is not as popular as the company’s 800T or 50D film emulsions partially because it’s fairly rare. You see, CineStill bwXX has been out of stock for a really long time – I want to say over a year. Every time you go to their website and look for the film, you see it isn’t available. But in a recent Instagram story, Cinestill announced the film has returned. And even better, it’s current being sold at $2 off!

For those of you who don’t understand our fascination and love with this film, CineStill is something of absolute, pure magic. The company takes Kodak movie film, and reformats and respools it for 35mm film emulsion use. For the color negative films, it often means removing the Remjet layer that allows it to be processed in standard C-41 chemicals. With CineStill bwXX though, it’s more or less black and white movie film. So if you’re going for a truly cinematic black and white noir look vs something like Ilford Delta in Rodinal, then you’ll want to consider CineStill bwXX. For those of us who love to shoot film, it means there’s yet another emulsion for us to play with and enjoy.

When CineStill bwXX was first available, it was only around for a limited time. So a lot of photographers didn’t really get to shoot with it; but a quick search on Instagram shows you it’s a gorgeous film. While CineStill’s own example above is fairly low contrast, many images on Instagram appear to be high contrast with inky blacks and a ton of sharpness.

CineStill bwXX is available now for purchase at $7.99 a roll, and available in Super 16 movie film too.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.