Upcoming “Instant Dreams” Documentary Celebrates the Magic of Polaroid Photos

Screenshot images from the Instant Dreams trailer

This year has been phenomenal for instant photography, especially for Polaroid Originals and the iconic Polaroid cameras. On top of new films, new cameras, improved emulsions, and everything in between, the icing on the cake is a new documentary about the magic of Polaroid photography.

“There’s tens of millions of Polaroid cameras out there waiting to be used again,” said the trailer for Instant Dreams, an upcoming documentary on our love and fascination for Polaroid photos. The wait will most likely be over now that we know the new Polaroid Originals films have vastly improved from their Impossible Project versions. Photographers will no doubt be dusting off their cameras to relive the magic of Polaroid photography once more, and looks like this documentary is set to reinforce that.

Instant Dreams comes as a treat as the last Polaroid documentary we watched was a rather despondent but fitting tribute from five years ago called TIME ZERO. While the latter film by Grant Hamilton lamented the last year of Polaroid film and traced the beginnings of the Impossible Project, the upcoming documentary by Willem Baptist celebrates the triumph of the iconic medium whose magic lives to this day.

“Instant Dreams is my cinematic ode to that longing for magic, mystery and a celebration of the dreams of the future that are interwoven with this medium,” Willem shared in a Polaroid Originals Magazine first look feature.

Fans of instant photography and Polaroid itself will find the trailer definitely exciting, with glimpses of inspiring individuals whose creative lives were shaped by the medium. Then, there’s the mystery of a lost chemical formula which Polaroid Originals CTO Stephen Herchen tries to rediscover to this day.

Fortunately, we don’t have to wait long as Instant Dreams is set for a world premiere on November 18th. Watch the trailer below:

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