Silberra is Crowdfunding the Largest Film Photography Campaign So Far

Silberra is a new company looking to create some new Black and White films.

This year has been incredibly exciting for film photographers, and the latest news is coming from a brand new company called Silberra. The new company is seeking out $115,000 on IndieGoGo to bring these new films to life.

Silberra is a brand new Russian company that believes in the power of film photography and is rejoicing about the current Renaissance it is experiencing. This is why they’re coming to IndieGoGo to get these brand new film emulsions on the market.

The four black and white films aren’t the fast, super grainy films the newer breed of photographers may be more used to. But instead they’re more fine grain and panchromatic. Silberra PAN50, Silberra PAN100, Silberra PAN160 and Silberra PAN200 are the latest offerings. The latter will be offered in a limited edition. The company is also promising to announce three orthochromatic films at the late beta-rest phase. Those films are Silberra ORTA25, Silberra ORTA50 and Silberra ORTA80.

These new films will be offered in 35mm exposure rolls. Sorry folks who really wanted 120–but Silberra is saying that’s already being worked on. It makes sense as when you think about film, at least from a mass market perspective, one probably thinks about 35mm cameras.

According to Silberra:

“With the product ready we need funds to start mass production of the film and to continue our R&D, which currently focuses on RC photographic paper and two new film series: Silberra IC (Isochromatic) and Silberra PAN II (a totally new panchromatic emulsion).”

Be sure to check out Silberra on IndieGoGo.

Silberra PAN50

Silberra PAN100

Silberra PAN160

Silberra PAN200

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