Review: Richard Schneider’s Street Photographers Lightroom Presets

Richard Schneider’s Street Photographers Lightroom Presets are obviously designed for the street photography community; and they’re primarily designed to target a whole number of different street photography styles and creatives out there. Shoot at night? There’s something for you in here. What about only during the day? Yeah, there are things for you here. And what I’m pleasantly surprised by is not only how many presets are available but how good many of them are for a variety of situations involving street photography. The presets are currently part of the massive 5Day Deal bundle, so you can get these and much more.



Richard Schneider’s Street Photographers Lightroom Presets feature 50 presets for Lightroom. They contain both black and white and color presets. They span the gamut of presets looking like film, presets that look like something Lomography tries to market, and presets that have influences from a number of alternative processes. No matter what sort of processing you’re into, there is something here for everyone. While some photographers may scoff at the idea of something like a street photograph being in HDR, some may be perfectly alright with that. Of course, you can always scale back or scale forward accordingly with each preset.

What you’ll be pleased to know is that nothing here looks like Instagram, VSCO, RNI, etc. All of these presets are pretty unique.

Ease of Use

Sunset Strip

Installing Richard Schneider’s Street Photographers Lightroom Presets is pretty straight forward. You simply go to the Develop module in Lightroom, create a folder on the left side, and then import the presets. Then as you’re editing the photos, you hover over each to get a preview or apply them with just a click. From there you can adjust as you see fit using the sliders in the Develop module. That’s really all that there is to it.

Image Quality

If you’re a black and white photo lover, then you’re going to adore the black and white photo presets. I surely do. But then there are a number of other options. Some of the presets look like tinted film scans, others appear to be more like cyanotypes and yet others embrace all the possibilities of digital. Each preset is named very accordingly too. For example, there is one for the Christmas market you may photograph and one that you may apply to the markets you see in Asia. Of course, you don’t HAVE to use them. But the names are very fitting. Seeing that these are presets, you can also surely use these as a base starting option and then adjust them all yourself.

Here are a few samples:

Sunset Strip

Black and white street portrait

Chocolate Dreams

Christmas Market

Darker Beginnings

Foggy Lens

Forest City

Blue Holiday


Street portrait

Black and White Street Portrait


Personally, I think that Richard Schneider’s Street Photographers Lightroom Presets are a great option for a variety of photographers because it provides so much to work with. My only complaint is that I wish there were more black and white photo presets. However, I completely understand that a lot of street photographers like shooting in and using color. I think these presets give you a number of things to try and to open your eyes up to. Some presets work really well with certain images, giving them a specific feeling, but there isn’t really an end all be all with each preset. That’s why there are 50 of them. Will I use them again? Sure, when I’m in Lightroom I’ll be sure to at least take a look. And they’re great for more than just street photography.

Interested? They’re a part of the current 5Day Deal Bundle and you’ll get these with so much more.