Polaroid Offers Versatile and Bendable Lighting in a Portable Package

All images courtesy of Polaroid Flexible LED Lighting Panel listing on Amazon

Polaroid recently announced its Flexible LED Lighting Panel, a lightweight and bendable light source that promises to be a must-have accessory for photographers and videographers of all levels. If you’re always on the go, do a lot of location shoots, or would like to have a more portable and versatile light source, this new equipment could be useful for you.

The Flexible LED Lighting Panel can be shaped to your desired form and position because of its pliable flat-mat material. With this, you can produce focused control over the light’s direction and fall-off by simply molding and reshaping the panel. Measuring 12 x 12″, just 16mm thick, and weighs only one pound, this super slim lighting panel makes for a handy, ultra portable tool you can easily bring with you everywhere as part of your professional set-up.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor photo shoots, this versatile lighting tool can be used as a compact but reliable light source on its own, or added to a larger professional setup as a flexible fill light. Its 5600K color temperature light provides bright, flicker-free, daylight balanced illumination which can be easily dimmed using a simple wireless remote control.

If you prefer natural-looking lighting for all your photography projects, the Flexible LED Lighting Panel also promises to create impressive color reproduction comparable to that of a natural light source. Even at its portable size, it has 256 LEDs that can produce up to 4500 Lumens, which is almost as bright as direct sunlight. For dreamy portraits and beautiful product shots, this flexible light source also includes a special diffusion filter that converts the hard LED light into a softer glow.

If all these details have made you keen on getting this versatile and portable light source, you can purchase the Polaroid Flexible LED Lighting Panel for $124.99 on Amazon. Of course as we’ll always remind you, LEDs are nowhere as powerful as flashes.