Voigtlander Announces Pricing On Both 40mm Ultron and Nokton Lenses

We posted recently about the newly announced 40mm F1.2 Nokton lens for Sony’s E mount from Voigtlander, but at the time of that announcement, the only pricing information available was Japanese. That has now been resolved and US pricing for both the company’s upcoming 40mm F2 Ultron and 40mm F1.2 Nokton lenses has been announced.

Starting with the more exciting of the new announcements, the 40mm F1.2 Nokton will be (according to Voigtlander) the fastest 40mm lens available for the Sony E-Mount. 40mm isn’t the most popular focal length these days, so the accuracy of that statement we would imagine is fairly spot on. Just to quickly recap some of the highlights of this lens; it features a 10-bladed aperture, electronic contacts to pass EXIF info to Sony cameras, and is designed with 8 glass elements in 6 groups.

According to Voigtlander, the lens will go on sale next week, on October 5th and will sell for $1,000. Not a bad price at all considering the speed of the lens, and the value-added features like the electronic contacts (something that no other third-party Sony FE lens has at this point).

As for the 40mm Ultron, that lens has been overhauled to fit the look of old vintage Nikkor lenses from the film days, complete with the iconic metal bunny ears making the lens compatible with old Nikon non-Ai film cameras. Optically the lens has been updated and now features a 25cm minimum focusing distance.

The 40mm F2 Ultron also has electronic contacts for EXIF communication with the camera, a nice (though not unique) feature for third-party Nikon lenses. This lens will also be available starting October 5th and will retail for $515.

You can get more information about both lenses over on the Voigtlander website.

Anthony Thurston

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