These Are The Speedlights We Recommend For Lighting Up Your Party Photography

As you have noticed lately, we have been exploring the arena of party and event photography, specifically the gear and tools needed to get great results in that genre. So far we have covered cameras and lenses, the two most critical aspects of a party or event photography kit.

Today we change our focus from the image capturing gear to another incredibly important piece to a party and event photography kit – the lighting. Specifically, we will be looking at our top speedlight recommendations, a list that will cover high-end (expensive) options as well as more budget-friendly options that also get the job done.

Ready to shed some light on your event photography kit? Let’s get this party started…

Our Top Picks

This category is for our top choices in the party/event speedlight department. These speedlights feature functionality like radio wireless triggering support, TTL, quality light output and solid battery life. If you have the budget for it, we definitely recommend investing in one of these options.

  • Canon: ()
  • Nikon:  ()
  • Sony: () *Read Our Review*
  • Fujifilm: ()
  • Olympus/Panasonic: ()

Other Great Options

These are some other good options in the speedlight department, they may not have the full feature set of the above mentioned models. They are completely capable of helping your with your party/event lighting needs, some in different ways that our top choices mentioned above.

Lighting is so key when shooting in darker environments, and the speedlights we have shared with you here today will go a long way towards helping you achieve great results. But going beyond just having the light and knowing how to use it, other key things to consider are type of light and light modifiers. You will notice we mentioned a few ring light options in this post, depending on the situation you may be able to get more pleasing results at your party/event with something like that.

As far as light modifiers for on-camera speedlights, we have a whole post coming up on those so be on the lookout for that, because they are key to producing a good quality of light for your images.