Phase One’s Capture One Styles Packs Give You Cinematic Presets and More

If you’re one of the photographers who has made the jump from Lightroom to Capture One, then you’ll be elated to know that today, we’re getting the new Capture One Styles Packs. While everyone else in the industry tends to call them presets, you should know that that’s essentially what they are. So if you’re a photographer that loves to start out working with presets and then edit from there, you should know that you’re bound to be combining Capture One’s better RAW processing algorithms with the ease of editing when working with the basic editing panel.

There are six packs with one being completely free to download as a sample. But the other five will run you a pricey $69.00 each. The packs are Cinematic, black and white, matte, seasonal and essentials. The latter compiles some of the best from the other four and each pack gives you at least 15 presets–or styles as Capture One like calling them.

At $69.00a pack though, they still sound a tad pricey. However, I’ve seriously and honestly not tested them yet. So when I do, I think I’ll be the judge of that. However, no matter what you’re bound to get better color than you will in Lightroom. The press release is below.

Phase One Releases Capture One Styles Packs

Designed to accelerate the creative process

COPENHAGEN, June 8, 2017 — Phase One today announced Capture One Styles Packs. Applying a specific Capture One Style to a selected image transforms its ‘look and feel’ by implementing multiple image adjustments, without affecting key capture parameters such as exposure, white balance or levels. Each Style offers users plenty of scope – both before and after applying it – to further edit the image. One click offers Capture One Style users the opportunity to accelerate their creativity and improve their image editing process.

A Capture One Styles Pack contains up to 18 different Styles focused on a specific theme. This flexible offering builds on recent enhancements in Capture One Pro 10.1, such as an easier preview of large style collections and nested style collections. It is designed to deliver greater speed and efficiency when editing multiple images.

Ease of use has been a central design consideration for Capture One Styles Packs, which make them suitable for all photographers – from experienced users to those who are just beginning to work with Capture One.

Capture One Styles Packs released today include:

  • Cinematic – 18 unique Styles
  • B&W – 15 unique Styles
  • Matte – 16 unique Styles
  • Seasonal – 15 unique Styles
  • Essentials – 16 Styles compiled from the above Styles Packs
  • 5 Styles are available for download as a free sample package

For Styles examples and usage guidelines, please see:

Pricing and Availability
Styles Packs for Capture One Pro 10.1 are available now at the Phase One e-store: Each Styles Pack, containing 15-20 styles, for Windows and Mac operating systems is priced at $69 USD. A basic Styles Pack containing 5 Styles is available as a free trial.

Capture One version 10.1 or newer is recommended for the best user experience. Version 10.1.2 is necessary for Capture One Express (for Sony) users. The packs are simply installed with a double-click, importing via the new and improved Styles and Presets tool, or by dragging-and-dropping the Pack to the Capture One menu icon.

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