The DeadCameras Slim Strap Theme Collection Exudes a Quiet Beauty

Photographers who really like standing out from the pack may like the new DeadCameras Slim Strap Theme collection. While some of the company’s other straps look like Gordy’s and a few others use sailboat rope, these are a lot slimmer and have a very pronounced shoulder pad sort of like how 4V Design does. These straps are made with Alcanena leather and can be selected in six different themes and looks. All of them are handmade in Portugal.

The DeadCamera Slim Strap Theme collection target photographers who use mirrorless cameras and 35mm film cameras without a vertical grip. So while a Nikon F3 may be good the Nikon f6 with its massive grip might not be an ideal choice. Similarly, I wouldn’t strap these onto my Mamiya RB67 Pro S or my Pentacon Six TL.

The straps use the split ring system to ensure durability and reliability. Though these don’t look to be as durable or tough as the offerings from Tap and Dye. However, I’ve surely been deceived before.

According to the description:

Comes with 16mm split rings to attach it to your camera plus 2 soft leather discs to protect your camera from getting scratched by the strap metal parts.

Best for those that like to wrap the strap along the arm while taking pictures and for those that want a strap that takes less space in the camera bag.

The shoulder pad is made from the highest quality top grain leather and the cord from a very strong heavy leather.

Technical data:
– 95cm up to 125 long;
– Shoulder pad is about 1,3cm in diameter and 35cm long;
– Strap leather ending is 3,5cm long and about 5cm in total;
– 2x 16mm Stainless steel split rings;
– 2x leather protection discs;
– Weight is approximately 65 grams (115 cm strap).

Check out the DeadCamera Slim Strap Theme collection at their website.