Tip: Damage a Disposable Camera to Get a Different Look

Photographer Kate Hook is an experimental, creative, modern analog film photographer who loves experimenting with new ideas and tricks. We’ve featured her work here before when she souped her LomoChrome Purple film; and now she’s back with a video on having fun with a disposable camera. While most photographers would scoff at using one due to their plastic lenses and crappy quality, Kate has the idea of being experimental and embracing it. In fact, she takes it even further.

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In the video above, Kate uses a safety pin to scratch the lens up. For anyone that doesn’t know what this does, it can soften an image while also creating a nice lens flare. In fact, it’s recommend that in order to create lens flares, you simply scratch a UV filter. But Kate goes even further. At one point she uses a lighter to heat the pin up so that its effect will be more pronounced.

Then it’s off to shooting for Kate. Disposable cameras tend to have a fixed lens, fixed aperture, built in light meter, and a flash that in most cases just can’t be stopped. So she simply just goes about shooting and shows us what some the results look like.

In my opinion, they’re really cool and very fun. You wouldn’t normally want to do this with a dedicated camera but the lo-fi aesthetic and feel in the images is well worth playing with. This would be fun to try with an Ilford disposable camera.

For more check out Kate’s YouTube video and channel.

Lead photo by Katie Fricker

Chris Gampat

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