You Can Now Get Paid to Follow Rich People Around on Vacation And Create Better Instagram Photos For Them

You guys: people are starting to finally realize that they suck at Instagram enough to warrant needing to bring a photographer with them and ALSO HIRE THOSE PHOTOGRAPHERS!!! This is one of the latest new trends in photography that’s come after birthing photography, family documentary, etc. So if you feel you’ve got the chops and the documentary experience, then you’re probably talented enough to rub shoulders with some talentless rich kids–at least when it comes to Instagram.

Warning: a fair amount of good natured snark is ahead.

The idea is apparently being made famous by El Camino traveler. The agency curates a number of good photographers and lets wealthy travelers shadow them to document their daily happenings. Each morning, the photographer delivers 20 photos to the traveler(s) for them to share on their Instagram as they please. Combine this with something like Buffer and it means that anyone that knows anything about Instagram means that they can just focus on the message vs the photos and content too.

While I’m surely sounding snarky about this, it really makes sense. Why? Well, to be honest, most people suck at photography. Algorithms like those from EyeEm may make you believe that your photo is “good” because a soulless algorithm is saying that it is; but algorithms know nothing about soul or a whole lot about content. But tried and true photographers do. So who would this be great for? Well considering that you’re working with people:

  • Wedding photographers: They have the natural people skills
  • Photojournalists: Same as above
  • Street photographers: providing you have actual people skills
  • Portrait photographers: Pretty perfect
  • Travel photographers: Perfect

Considering that someone is on vacation too, what they’ll care more about is just simply looking good and ensuring that you make them look good. That’s what they’re paying you for.

You can check out more over at Messy and Chic or check out El Camino travel.