Bashert Jewelry Gives Your Leica a Sterling Silver Soft Shutter Button

Soft shutter releases have been around for a really long time now, but the Bashert Jewelry Sterling Silver Soft Shutter Release Buttons for the Leica M series of cameras are surely taking the cake. For the uninitiated, soft shutter button releases are a very nice and extremely addicting addition for your camera. They often make pressing the shutter a bit better ergonomically speaking. This is fantastic for a series like the Leica M where you need to sometimes stretch your finger a bit to press the shutter if you’ve got smaller hands.

However, most soft shutter releases are either plastic, metal or wood. The Bashert Jewelry soft shutter releases are finishing in polished and oxidized sterling silver and they’re designed for your Leica M camera. Like many other soft shutter releases, it has a concave design to cater to the shape of your finger tip. Well, actually, I shouldn’t say “it” because there are currently six of them available.

The soft shutter releases come in various shapes like east-west, flowers, etc. They’re all designed to be screwed into the threaded shutter release on the Leica M camera. The website’s statement isn’t clear on what M cameras it will work for, but one can assume literally all of them. Yes, not all shutter releases are created equal apparently. A part of me hopes that one day when I get the money, that this will work with my Leica CL despite being pretty much half the price of it and the 40mm f2 lens I got with it.

However, that means that your Leica M6 (as clearly pictured) Leica M2, Leica M3, Leica M4-P, Leica M-P, Leica M-A, Leica M Typ 240, Leica M Monochrom or your Leica M9 will work with the soft shutter release from Bashert Jewelry.

You can check out all six of the Bashert Jewelry Leica Soft shutter releases over on their website.