Photographer Rory Power’s Painterly Analog Film and Digital Photography

All images by Rory Power. Used with permission.

Photographer Rory Power describes himself as a filmmaker, who recently graduated and is slowly getting professional work here and there. “I specialised in cinematography and that is what I’d like to be doing in the future,” he says in an email to the Phoblographer. “I was the Billy Williams Scholar in 15/16 (if you didn’t know, he won an Academy Award for cinematography for Gandhi), and he said I had a good eye. I’d like to think that’s true, for the sake of my career and self esteem!” Indeed, Rory’s photography draws influence from his love of the moving image.

Sometimes when looking through work submitted to this website, it’s tough to put any sort of label or classification on it to make it easier to pitch to readers. But with Rory’s work, there is an almost painterly look to it. Perhaps this has to do with his usage of a Diana F+ that he got back in 2011. Rory had a lot of fun with that camera, along with disposables, but not a lot came from it.

“I love shooting, don’t we all, and don’t think I’ll stop (unless I run out of money),” says Rory. “…I like to consider myself an all rounder when it comes to photography, I guess I have to be for my profession, but there’s always something to improve on (portraits) or learn (soaking + multiple exposures).” Rory hopes to look back in 10 years and be content with his portfolio and knowledge.

Surely, if you look through some of his images and his specific use of color, shadows, and lighting you’ll see how one can be attracted to his photos. Just imagine the lead image in this post blown up and on a canvas.

For more from Rory, be sure to check out his website and his Instagram.