Mary Ellen Mark and Helena Christensen Discuss Photography with Mark Seliger

Photographer Mary Ellen Mark and Supermodel/Photographer Helena Christensen joined Mark Seliger in an episode of reserve to discuss the documentary and portrait photography they have done over the years. “It takes a brain to be a good photographer,” says Mary Ellen as she continues to talk about subjects and how they can all be different.

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Mark and Mary are known for doing different types of work, but are both highly regarded photographers in the industry. And to hear some of their stories is quite an interesting experience. At one point, Mary talks about visiting a morgue on Oaxaca and seeing things that she said really changed who she is.

Similarly, Helena talks about taking a course with Mary Ellen Mark and getting into the art form. My words aren’t going to do this half hour video any justice, so just watch it.

You can see the entire video here at the Reserve Channel’s Youtube.

Via Women in Photography

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