Japan Camera Hunter Releases 35mm to 120 Film Adapters

For a while, 35mm to 120 Film Adapters have been around though not really very common. Well Japan Camera Hunter has a perfect solution for you in the form of 3D printed little knobs that will work with the 120 cameras that you happen to have.

To use the 35mm to 120 Film Adapters, the JCH website recommends putting the little knobs on both ends of the 35mm film roll then loading it up into your camera with another spool on the other end. Rewinding the film though is probably going to have to be done in a changing bag or something else just to be careful.

35mm to 120 Film Adapters like this have been available previously and companies like Lomography have always made adapters that let their medium format cameras use 35mm film with relative ease. So what that means is that you can load up your Hasselblad camera with some 35mm film and have fun.

However, this begs the question: why would you want to do this? Personally, I’d probably do it just for fun or if I wanted to get more shots per roll considering that I felt that the 16 from a 645 camera body wasn’t enough. At the same time though, I’ve developed my mindset to shoot in the least frames possible; and I’m sure most medium format film shooters have too.

At the same time, medium format camera lenses are often much better than a lot of 35mm format lenses–the exception being the last few years where technology has gone so far.

At the same time, some films aren’t around any more in 120 emulsion sizes or they’re hard to get. 35mm offers the most versatility and is often more cost effective.

According to the description:

Very simple and easy to use. These wonderful little jobbies fit on the end of your 35mm film canister so you can pop it into a 120 camera.

3D printed and nice and durable. These do exactly what they are made to do. A great way to breathe life into some of your cameras.

Comes are one set of adapters. Film is not included.

Head over to Japan Camera Hunter’s website to check out the 35mm to 120 Film Adapters and go purchase.

Chris Gampat

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