Elinchrom’s New Deep Umbrellas Are Offering Versatility For an Affordable Price

Image from Elinchrom’s website, shot by Quentin DeCaillet.

Today, Elinchrom is introducing a new lineup of umbrellas. These umbrellas are replacing the Varistar umbrellas and are promising to do quite a bit for photographers at a pretty inexpensive cost overall. The Elinchrom Deep Umbrellas come in silver, translucent and white offerings. Translucent umbrellas are a favorite choice for diffusing natural light, while silver is bound to deliver very specular light–therefore bringing out a ton of details in your subjects on top of the sharp lenses you’re probably using. White umbrellas tend to deliver the most color neutral offering (as it pertains to your flash or strobe) and is also fantastic for portraits.

But there’s an extra layer to all of this.

All of the Elinchrom Deep Umbrellas can be used with a diffusion sock of some sort. This lets you use the umbrella in sort of the same way that a softbox would be used without the interior baffle.

If this sounds confusing to you as an experienced strobist photographer, it sort of is. Everyone is making umbrellas these days with diffusion socks and everyone is making octabanks with pretty much as many sides as umbrellas with interior baffles and diffusion socks. The same thing goes for beauty dishes–and there’s very little being done with softboxes otherwise due to the versatility of the umbrellas, octabanks and beauty dishes. They’re awesome, and if you’ve never shot with one then you should try them.

Still though, there’s something to be said for the prices here: they’re pretty fair. Though admittedly, both Adorama and B&H Photo’s house brands (Flashpoint and Impact) will most likely produce the same things for cheaper in an effort to get sales.


Deep Umbrellas:

  • Deep Umbrella Silver 41” (105 cm) EL26352 – $106.95
  • Deep Umbrella Silver 49” (125 cm) EL26353 – $136.95
  • Deep Umbrella Translucent 41” (105 cm) EL26354 – $96.95
  • Deep Umbrella Translucent 49” (125 cm) EL26355 – $127.95
  • Deep Umbrella White 41” (105 cm) EL26356 – $106.95
  • Deep Umbrella White 49” (125 cm) EL26357 – $136.95

Optional Diffusers and Reflectors for Deep Umbrellas:

  • Translucent Diffuser for Deep Umbrella 41” (105 cm) EL26761 – $32.95
  • Translucent Diffuser for Deep 49” (125 cm) EL26762 – $42.95
  • Black Diffuser for Deep Umbrella 41” (105 cm) EL26763 – $47.95
  • Black Diffuser for Deep Umbrella 49” (125 cm) EL26764 – $52.95

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.