Hasselblad Introduces New 120mm f3.5 Macro Lens for the X1D

Continuing on the excitement of the Hasselblad X1D, the company has introduced a brand new lens: the Hasselblad 120mm f3.5 macro. For most digital photographers, this won’t sound like a very fast aperture lens but you have to keep in mind this is a medium format camera lens designed for a sensor that is larger than full frame 35mm sensors.

Indeed, many medium format lenses and camera manufacturers actually consider f2.8 a shallow depth of field due to the larger imaging area. Though in the 645 format of lenses, you’ve got the option to shoot with something like a Contax f1.8 lens. That’s very shallow and also incredibly difficult to get something in focus and keep in focus unless your camera is set on a tripod.

The Hasselblad 120mm f3.5 Macro Lens is designed not only for being a macro lens with a full 1:2 focusing ability, but also for being a portrait lens. Considering the Hasselblad X1D’s leaf shutter abilities, this will also be pretty interesting overall. Of course, it means you’re getting less camera shake because of the shutter being integrated into the lens, but when you combine it with the 1/2000th flash duration, you’ll get a whole lot of camera-shake stopping power. Oh yeah, and also consider you’re using a mirrorless medium format camera.

If you’re photographing macro subjects, then know the Hasselblad 120mm f3.5 Macro Lens can focus down to 0.43 meters. That’s very close and could mean that the photographer has very interesting creative abilities with the camera and lens.

Over the next 12 months, Hasselblad will also launch the XCD 35-75mm Zoom, XCD 65mm, and XCD 22mm Wide Angle lenses. By the beginning of 2018, the Hasselblad X1D will have access to seven dedicated XCD lenses and all twelve HC/HCD lenses using the XH lens adapter.

Hasselblad 120mm f3.5 Macro Lens Key features:

• 3.5/120 mm Macro

• Focal length: 120 mm

• Max aperture: f/3.5

• Min Aperture: f/32

• Image scale: 1:2

• Angle of view: (diag/hor/ver): 26°/21°/16°

• Integral central shutter

• Full flash synchronization up to 1/2000 sec

• Size: diam 81 mm, length 150 mm

• Weight: 970 g

Chris Gampat

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