Fujifilm Tells DPReview That a Medium Format Digital Rangefinder Camera is Possible

The Fujifilm GFx 50S Next to the Fujifilm GW690 III.

DPReview recently spoke with Fujifilm reps at a recent event, who told the publication that there is totally a chance that a medium format digital rangefinder style camera is very possible. Why would this even be considered? Sure, Fujifilm has had the X Pro 2, but if you’ve been shooting photos for a while then you’re probably aware of the company’s very solid rangefinder cameras during the film days.

Fujifilm produced medium format rangefinder cameras a while back, which are all discontinued. They’re all very well built and a strong argument can be made to say that a lot of people wanted this style vs the DSLR style that the Fujifilm GFX currently is.

Quotes of interest:

  • Could these same benefits be applied to medium format, we asked. ‘Of course it could be an idea for medium format,’ says Oishi: ‘it depends on demand and the market. The GFX 50S is one style: the ‘S’ means ‘SLR-style.’ Another way to do it would be a rangefinder style camera. Maybe an ‘R’ could be a rangefinder: we’re always considering other options and possibilities.’‘If mirrorless interchangeable lens camera is too big as a rangefinder style, a fixed lens camera could be smaller, like the GF670.’
  • The release of three SLR-style cameras in a row (X-T2, X-T20 and GFX 50S) doesn’t mean the company is abandoning the rangefinder style, though. ‘XE is an important series for us,’ Oishi says: ‘There are so many XE1, 2 and 2S users in the world. We are always thinking about the next model, whether that’s XT, XE or X-Pro. Obviously we can’t confirm anything at this point but we are aware there are many requests for this type of camera.’

At Photokina, I had a chance to talk with the designer of the Fujifilm GFX 50s camera and asked the specific question of why the company didn’t go rangefinder style. In fact, the company had many concepts and a number of them were rangefinder style indeed. But at the moment, this is what made the most sense for the company.

Personally speaking, I have to agree here. The X-T2 style of camera body tends to make people more excited than the Fujifilm X Pro 2. Though I tend to favor the latter, a DSLR style form factor is much more in use with their intended target market.

So for pure safety, it just makes more sense.

For more from the interview, check out DPReview’s post.

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