13 Motivational Tips from the NYC Street Photography Collective

Getting tips from other street photographers is typically how many people in the community tend to become better shooters. So to help others out, we asked the NYC Street Photography Collective for a few tips on how to create better street photos. Each of the contributing members gave some insights that are both helpful and motivational.

What you make a picture of is as important as what you don’t make a picture of. Check your corners and learn to see the way your lens does.

Mark Beckenbach

New York City, 2016 | wasikphoto.com

“Be bold. Get close. And smile. Intruding (on) someone’s personal space can be intimidating at first. Try to overcome your fear – and be friendly. Most people don’t mind if you take their photo when they realize you’re just some friendly person.”

Mathias Wasik

Robert Doisneau once said “I find the stage and the players will come.”

Be patient.

If you find the backdrop for a great picture, just wait.

Eventually, your subject will come along and complete the photo.

Michael Comeau

Don’t worry about being original. Celebrate your inspirations while focusing on form and good story telling.

Zach Cabanas

Don’t drop your camera.

Chris Voss

Put your time in and be persistent. Spend time practicing, making mistakes, studying, over coming your fears. It’s only a matter of time before you start making great work.

Jorge Garcia

The real journey of discovery in street photography consists not in seeking new streets but in having new eyes.

Youngjae Lim

Study a lot, buy books, look at other photographer’s work and once you find what you’re interested on, get your camera and go look for it. Always carry a camera with you and spend a lot of hours just wandering, the gods of photography will reward you.

Victor Llorente

Have heroes. Find photographers who make work that inspires you and gets you excited, and learn as much as you can from them. Seek out and meet other photographers you respect, and share your work.

Sebastian Siadecki

Don’t be afraid to make others uncomfortable. But more importantly, don’t be afraid to make yourself uncomfortable.

Steven Davis

When shooting or editing photos: Each photograph must provide a satisfying response to the question, “Why am I looking at this?” If it can’t, your photo doesn’t have a strong, meaningful foundation.

Salim Hasbini

Look at a lot of good work (not just street), spend a lot of time shooting, and meet other people doing what you do.

Aaron Bunge

More so than other forms of photography, you may only have a split second to capture that one moment on the streets. When in doubt, take the shot.

Eric Hsu

Chris Gampat

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