This Kickstarter Project Aims To Document Las Vegas Buskers

Some of the best people photography captures the myriad of human culture, diverse personalities, and interesting characteristics. Brytnie Ann has started a Kickstarter project to document the different styles and many talents of street performers, or more popularly known as buskers in Las Vegas.

Buskers perform various acts including character impersonation, magic, comedy, music, dance, and mime. Most of the buskers go by street names, with their background story rarely known. Brytnie, the founder of this Kickstarter project, is herself a busker, growing up locally in Las Vegas performing body painting, magic, and stand-up comedy. “The first time I went out to the Las Vegas strip and body painted some amazing women, I was shocked at how it felt like home out there,” said Brytnie.

To Brytnie, buskers are artists and they have wonderful stories to tell. Driven by her own curiosity to know more about the other buskers performing on the streets of Las Vegas, Brytnie intends to capture beautiful portraits of these street performers and share their story in the form of a book. She plans to explore 25 to 50 Las Vegas buskers. She wants to know who is behind the busker performer, what drives these individuals to perform in public, what do they wish to gain, and their favorite and least favorite parts of being a busker.

Being a professional photographer, Brytnie’s undertaking of this documentary project is combining her talents as a busker and her passion in photography. One crucial, determining factor of success when it comes to documentary projects is proper channel of access, and Brytnie herself is already part of the buskers community which is an added advantage. Being a busker herself, she can relate to other buskers, and knowing your subject is also paramount in bringing the best characters and personalities out of people portraits.

You can find out more about the Kickstarter project titled “Past the Persona: A Look into Las Vegas Buskers” here.