Watch This Incredible Street Performance from the First-Person POV

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Here’s a video you probably won’t see everyday – a street performance from the performer’s point of view!

The performer is busker Luís Reis of Lisbon, Portugal. He has a knack for juggling, and by knack we mean he’s pretty incredible at it. He honed that skill and then took to the streets of Lisbon to show people what exactly he’s made of while making a bit of loose change on the side.

Recently, he was chosen among hundreds of street talents in Europe as one of the finalists for Hello Europe, a cultural initiative to seek and promote the continent’s best street artists and performers. To show off his talent for the project, he filmed one of his performances with a GoPro camera strapped to him, giving us a glimpse of how they look from his point of view. The resulting video is an 8-minute first-person POV short that showcased Reis’ best routines, complete with cool (albeit cheap) toys to assist him, including the popular Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball that only added to his mesmerizing performance by mirroring the mosaic on the sidewalk and the obviously entertained spectators.

We think the video is pretty incredible so we had to share with you. Check it out after the jump. And do remember to check out the other Hello Europe finalists on the project’s official site.

Via LaughingSquid
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