A Mother and Child’s Perspective Looks to Tell Stories with Disposable Cameras

Photography has a lot to do with the photographer’s control to achieve results which have been planned and visualized beforehand. However, the intimate, beautiful, and priceless moments in life often happen at the most unexpected times, usually without the presence of photographers. Therefore, instead of actively shooting, Tailor Moore decided to let mothers and children tell their own stories by handing them disposable cameras to document a photo series from their perspective.

The idea for the Kickstarter project “A Mother And Child’s Perspective” was conceived when Tailor saw an image (the featured image of this article) taken by her three year old toddler with her smartphone. The photograph struck her as being purely honest and raw about both herself and of motherhood in general. It was a glimpse of what children really see in their parents from their perspective, and that’s how Tailor found the idea for this project. “It’s simple. I’m going to provide an opportunity for mothers and children to tell a story together, their story,” said Tailor. 

To document a photo series of mother and children, Tailor plans to hand out 2o disposable cameras and the participants will be asked to document their daily lives. The cameras shall be placed at locations within easy reach, and all they need to do is document their precious moments. The mothers will be provided with a PDF file containing inspirations and guidelines to aid them in their documentation process. According to Tailor, she chose disposable camera as a medium for this project mainly because of easy accessibility, inability for immediate preview or editing, and more importantly – a limit to the number of photos that can be taken. This will ensure the participants will be more careful in deciding which moments are special and worth shooting for the project.

Tailor plans to do an exhibition if this project is successful, with the proceeds going to a charity (which is not yet chosen at this moment). You can find out more about this project at the official Kickstarter Page here.