ParticleShop Wants to Help Your Composite Images Pop

For retouchers and compositors looking for a set of digital brushes that can transform digital images from great to amazing, Corel Digital Arts’ update to their ParticleShop plugin may be the tool to help them achieve their desired look. The latest update to ParticleShop adds over 100 new, ready-to-use brushes powered by Corel’s Particle Brushes to help transform your images with less effort.

ParticleShop Grunge Brush Pack

The new ParticleShop brushes take advantage of Particle, Dynamic Speckle, and F-X Effects technologies that allow you to create natural, hand-painted brush effects. The is the first time that Corel is offering support of their proprietary brush effects outside of the Corel Painter suite and it unlocks the full potential of their Particle Brush plugin for Adobe users.

The Global Product Manager for Corel Digital Arts said, “Every creative professional knows the feeling of settling for good enough when the look they wanted to achieve alludes them. The new ParticleShop gives you access to hundreds of unique brushes to apply virtually any effect in a more responsive, expressive and organic way.” Being able to apply your vision with a tool that not only produces a natural, desired effect but also can cut down the time needed to create it is clearly a boon for the creative on deadline.

Karen Bonaker Dynamic Speckle Impression Pack

Corel’s ParticleShop is free to current users and includes a Core Pack with 11 new brushes. Users can also choose from six new brush packs leveraging the new Dynamic Speckles and F-X Effects brush technologies: Impression Pack, Blenders Pack, Expressive Pack, Grunge Pack, Nature Pack, and Creepers Pack. ParticleShop now gives users access to more than 350 unique brushes for realizing their creative vision. If you’re new to ParticleShop, you can download the version with the 11 new core brushes for $49.99 from Corel. Additional brush packs may be purchases in-app or online.