“The King” Lives On In Adam Nicholson’s Elvis 40th Anniversary Photo Exhibition

Elvis fan and avid collector, Adam Nicholson, has launched a Kickstarter campaign featuring his collection of iconic photographs of Elvis Presley taken during the 1970s by photographer Ed Bonja. Bonja was the official photographer and tour manager for Presley from 1970-1977 and photographed many of his album covers. After a chance encounter, Nicholson partnered up with Bonja in 2012 and eventually came to own the collection of rare photographs, valued at $165,000. He plans for the exhibition to be a statewide tour and is currently seeking to raise $5,763 to go towards production expenses. 

August 16th, 2017 will mark the 40th Anniversary of Elvis’ passing in 1977. Nicholson’s collection, entitled “Images of the King”, is the largest collection of works featuring Elvis photographed by one photographer. The collection consists of album covers throughout the 70s, stage shots, and many images from Elvis’ heralded, “Aloha from Hawaii” concert in 1973. Given unique access to Elvis, Bonja was the only person permitted on stage to shoot. With this Kickstarter, Nicholson hopes to raise funding for framing, walling, and funds to travel to various destinations as the tour goes nationwide. Nicholson stresses that he wants the exhibition to be “fit for the King himself” with beautiful curation of the works and an impactful audio and visual experience.

Those interested in pledging will be eligible for a range of rewards including free admission to the exhibition, an official print set, and limited edition 16″ x 20” lithograph to name a few. In addition, Nicholson will be looking to raffle a signed and framed work from his collection with funds donated to a charity focused on providing care for sick children.

“After a chance encounter, Nicholson partnered up with Bonja in 2012 and eventually came to own the collection of rare photographs, valued at $165,000.”

Being from the south, I grew up with my Dad and many of my relatives playing Blues and Rock & Roll. It was inevitable that “The King” would play at events. I recall my first exposure to Elvis was watching an old clip of him performing Heartbreak Hotel in 1956 on the Milton Berle Show. Like many kids familiar with him, from that point on I copied his dance moves and swagger. The guy oozed charisma and was such a rare talent as a musician. Many of the images taken by Bonja are familiar to me and I’m certain the exhibition will be a real treat to the legion of fans Elvis still has. It would be a great opportunity to see and potentially order rare prints from a photographer who had such exclusive access. I’m sure diehard collectors will love it!

To get more info about Adam Nicholson’s Elvis 40th Anniversary Photo Exhibition visit his Kickstarter campaign page here.