This Monstrosity of a Canon AV-1 Can Be Yours for $41

Before you actually read this post, note that the Canon AV-1 we’re talking about doesn’t actually work. In fact, it’s being sold for parts.

But good Lord, who the hell does this to a camera? The Canon AV-1 in the pictures is currently on eBay and shows the workings of someone who decided to try a bit too hard here. You see, there is a leather finish that has been applied–and at the end of the day it looks more like a shoddy job of someone who tried to apply clay to the camera.

The cameras most well known for special customizations are the Leica M series via the company’s A La Carte program. And this one is much different. It’s a vintage Canon film camera that was the result of some poor craftsman’s work.

According to the Google Translation of the listing:

Analogue reflex camera from Canon with original Canon FD 50mm lens.

The camera is offered as a defective hobby device!
The camera is available as a defect / spare part!
Built: 1979 - 1985
Bayonet: Canon FD
Electronic slot closure
Fastest shutter speed 1/1000 sec.
Flash sync time: 1/60 sec.
Adjustable Film Sensitivity: 25-1600 ASA
Automatic iris
Center-weighted exposure metering
Weight: 490 grams

Canon Lens FD
Focal length: 50mm
Light intensity: 1: 1.8
Closest focusing distance: 0.6 m
Ø Filter thread: 52 mm
Visible traces of use on the housing / tube,
Laterally very sloppy leatherwork and ornamentation, glue on the occasion, red discoloration at the inscription of the lens, porous rubber of the eyecup

Visible signs of use at the body / housing,

You can check out the official listing here.

Chris Gampat

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