Pawsitive Change Seeks to Create Portraits for a Good Cause

Central Florida based, Pawsitive Change, has launched a Kickstarter for their latest project. The non-profit group hopes to provide simple, portrait style photos for animal rescue groups of families and their animal friends. The goal of the Kickstarter will be to raise $550 to apply for 501(c)3 tax exemption, making the company an official non-profit organization. This will also allow them to apply for special grants only given to non-profits. Currently the company finds themselves in the red, but foresees the funds from Kickstarter as a way to move them into the black and keep them there. 

Founder of Pawsitive Change, Michael Eliassen, says it’s always been his personal dream to help those in need and this is especially true when it comes to animals. He found himself focusing his efforts to help local rescue groups, but wanted to do more for the animal community. Borrowing equipment, money, and help from volunteers, he founded Pawsitive Change as a small “unofficial” non-profit. With this Kickstarter campaign he plans for the company to be recognized as an official non-profit and receive the benefits associated with such an endeavor. Benefits include being able to apply for special grants to help offset production costs as well as customer’s ability to write off their donations on their taxes.

The photos they’ll be creating for rescue groups are straightforward affairs. They take a simple backdrop, a couple of strobes, and a few props to add some fun to the shoot. Customers are asked for a minimum donation, with all profits going to the cause. The customer leaves with a flyer and instructions on how to download the images from that day. Eliassen doesn’t foresee too many challenges for the project. He admits the company is currently relying on equipment borrowed from his school, but after completing their Kickstarter goal, he’ll be able to apply for the grant needed to purchase all the equipment they need to be self-sufficient.

This is a great cause and one I personally wouldn’t mind supporting. I’ve always had a love for animals and it’s great to see people using their talents for something positive and helpful to their community. Some Kickstarter projects are very ambitious and you’re not certain if it will actually come to fruition. However, the goal for Eliassen’s project is very modest (only $550) and he seems genuinely passionate about getting the company off the ground. Perhaps with the proper funding he’ll be able to expand and cover more areas throughout Florida or even go nationwide. I wish them luck!

To get more info about Pawsitive Change’s project and to possibly pledge your support, check out their Kickstarter page here.